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The Artist

I'm Kellin the artist and CEO of SketchPup! Born and raised in Lima, Peru.  Moved to Los Angeles 15 years ago to start a new life.  Rescue dog mom and vegan. In 2018, I was looking for a way to help shelter animals, so I decided to combine my love for animals with my love for art, and SketchPup! was born. I create fun, and unique portraits  of furry kids with my digital pen. You can choose  from a classic portrait, a family portrait or your best companion as a celebrity. At the same time, I give back to the rescue community thanks to you.



As a business owner, sustainability is my priority. I carry products that are eco-friendly, and most are organic, recycled and biodegradable. Each product in my shop is made on-demand. Once you place your order I make it specifically for you, which allow me to avoid overproduction and textile waste. This is my contribution to the planet, as I am continuously working toward greener production.


Take a look at my collection and enjoy shopping online with SketchPup! I ship worldwide, no matter where you are. And 10% of proceeds go to animal rescues! Get in touch if you have any questions. 

SketchPup! Custom Pet Artist



SketchPup! Deer head chihuahua


Kiss Department

SketchPup! Chihuahua mix


Quality Control

SketchPup! Rescued dog


Customer Service

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