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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Hi Pet Lovers, I wanted to introduce a new blog collaborator. Her name is Krystyna Kubran and she will share some tips for adopting a kitty and showcase a no-kill cat rescue group in Los Angeles.

Little introduction; I’ve been fostering kittens as young as two weeks, supporting a few local shelters by fostering kitties of any age. Having just launched my own business, in January, 352 Innovation, LLC; my goal is to be able to support more no-kill rescue groups and foster more kitties!

- Krystyna

What You Need To Know Before Adopting a Cat

People don’t pick cats, cats pick their people; and once you’re chosen, you’ll have the most loyal companion you’ve ever known!

Tip #1 - Do not ever declaw a kitty

It removes their primary defense system and will result in significant psychological issues that will make your life with kitty far worse than the threat of destroyed furniture. Good scratching posts is all that’s necessary. It’s important to provide a clean litter box, appropriate scratching post and clean water with food that is located in a low traffic area.

Tip #2 - Kitties can be trained!

Reinforce positive actions after the “NO” and kitty will stop the behavior. Example: when my kitty jumped on the table; I told him “OFF THE TABLE” in a stern voice, picked him up, placed him on the ground and praised him repeatedly in a loving voice, repeating “GOOD OFF THE TABLE!” Just like my dog trainer taught me to do with my Great Dane. After a few times, I didn’t even have to physically pick him up; he’d jump off at my request from across the room; then stopped jumping up there entirely.

Kittens will need a little extra guidance on where the litter box is and learning what is considered an appropriate litter box. Play time is bonding time and with gentle guidance, a kitten can be easily trained to stay off tables, counters, and be molded into wonderful companions.

Tip #3 - Litter Box!

Ask yourself, if my bathroom looked like that, would I use it? If the answer is no, change the litter; if it’s filthy, kitty will look elsewhere. There are litters, like my personal favorite, Feline Pine, that do not have “that smell”.

Tip #4 - Scratching Posts!

Critical to kitty’s mental & physical health, and the survival of your furniture! Scratching post that kitty likes & kitty won’t touch the furniture. May need to try a few different types of materials before the kitty finds the perfect fit (carpet vs rope vs cardboard) or talk to the rescue group to see what your kitty loves most.

Tip #5 - Food and Water!

Place in a low traffic area, cat will feel safe and relaxed while eating; high traffic/noise areas will cause cat to feel vulnerable, eat very fast, likely vomit or have other anxiety issues. Water – would you drink it?

Where to adopt:

Highly recommend visiting, and supporting, a place like today’s showcase, The Cat’s Meow, who partners with Crumbs & Whiskers (locations off Melrose in Los Angeles & Washington DC) where you can interact with many kitties of different ages; all rescues!

The Cat’s Meow, Inc

Registered Non-Profit, The Cat’s Meow has helped rescue over 500 kitties a year from high-kill Los Angeles County shelters. The Cat’s Meow is an advocate for kitties in the Los Angeles area, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.

Check out the Debunking Cat Myths on The Cat’s Meow webpage for everything kitty, including Picking a Pet!

AND REMEMBER: A strong bond with a feline does not only come from raising a kitten; it can develop with a kitty of ANY age!

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